Our Story

Sitting in the heart of Bankside, The Distillery is located on the site of the old Stevenson & Howell fragrance factory, which distilled essential oils and manufactured essences, flavourings and garnishes during the 1800s.

Inspired by this local history, the bar has become an alchemist’s laboratory of sensations mixing signature cocktails using homemade aromatics, infusions and bitters to accent drinks.

The Distillery bar also specialises in craft beers and stocks over 100 hand-picked gins, from fine old classics from every point of the compass, to new age gins from artisan distilleries springing up all over Bankside, Southwark and Bermondsey.

The name of the bar was inspired by scientific techniques of extraction and reduction used in gin production methods, which they also used in the old Stevenson and Howell essence factory.

The textures, surfaces and patterns of the interiors pay homage to artisans from many different trades who lived and worked in Bankside.

Industrial and vintage elements contrast with sumptuous fabrics and comfortable seating to create the perfect destination for a local casual drink.

The detailing around the bar suggests the intimacy and elegance of a 1930’s drinking den, and is accentuated with antique bottles, vases and glassware.

Our Penny Wall art installation, featuring pennies dating back to the early twentieth century, is inspired by a rumour that the building was once a coin warehouse for the Bank of England.

Visit us at The Distillery where our friendly bartenders welcome requests from guests and love to explain the sensations, nuances and subtleties of the tonics, fusions and fruits we use across our menus.